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Couples Communication via Video Therapy

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Couples Communication

Communication is the bridge between partners that connects your realities. Without it you may be fascinated, but eventually your realities will bump into each other and that grind will cause friction. You can't get along with an intimate partner if you have no true understanding of them.

How well do you communicate with each other? Do you listen and if so do you hear what they mean? It's partly about the words but it's all about the meaning. Does you partner value your thoughts and invite you to express freely? Do you feel that your take on things is validated even if your partner doesn't share it? Do small disagreements turn into a big deal?

If you need some support in smoothing out your communication and want a calm, soothing, helpful therapist to help you email me and let's see how I can help you.

Bad communication is so frustrating

Not this same problem again, you think with a sinking feeling. Why can't we just solve this once and for all by talking it through, you think.

It's not always one person's fault. Sometimes it is the process that goes wrong. There are rules and guidelines for getting your point across without wounding the listener. You might use good tools to speak at work but find that you can't make them work at home where the heart is involved.

We fall in love with people who are different enough from us to create a spark. It’s that “completion feeling” of interest & fascination. We feel sad & confused when the spark burns instead of warming us. It’s a baffling betrayal to our emotional logic that we can deeply love someone that we can't communicate easily with & sometimes want to emotionally avoid.

No one wants to walk on eggshells

Being content and at ease in your relationship is a good feeling. Communication can get you there. Couples communication is learnable & helping Couples learn it is something that I specialize in.

Stop walking on eggshells or avoiding for fear of a blow-up. Give yourself the gift of more peaceful coexistence.

During COVID/Corona Virus epidemic I am offering up to a $30 dollar discount if you need it in order to make life easier to you

See my dedicated page for all fees and sliding scale.

I am happy to help you resolve issues and maintain a positive forward momentum during this difficult time.

Stay safe and be well.

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