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I help couples resolve the conflicts that block a satisfying marriage

Sometimes a marriage is basically happy and just needs a small tweak in a certain area. I can help you with that. Other times, some underlying pattern disturbs your compatibility and the stability of your marriage.

Don't despair, the majority of conflicts that Couples face can be fixed. Over the years I have seen Marriage Counseling make improvements that are both subtle and dramatic.

My style as a Therapist is help you clarify issues and get both of you on the same page. I have expertise in helping spouses find new and better ways to communicate. We will collaborate and come up with an actual plan for improving your marriage. Then I will guide you to learn new skills and help you implement them. Therapy isn't only about exploring feelings; I also aim to help you produce results and real change.

Unproductive patterns can slip quietly into a marriage

Life rolls on and it can feel like there is no energy left to work on the marriage until an issue becomes too difficult and something must be done about it. This is a time when Marriage Counseling can benefit you.

Lower tension, resolve upsetting conflicts and change poor habits in your communication patterns

As your Marriage Counselor, I will address your emotional concerns as well as those of your spouse. My style is to be fair and objective while working to help you solve problems and enhance your love life together. We will aim to lower tensions, increase relationship satisfaction, reduce conflict and, if you need it, to refresh intimacy. As your Therapist, I will provide you with a safe, neutral environment. You can relax in an undistracted space and receive the extra support, guidance and objective feedback that you need to focus on your marriage.

Marriage Counseling is usually short term and focuses on improving specific areas of the marriage

The process of Marriage Counseling can feel like a great relief. The sessions give you dedicated time to slow down enough to communicate without fighting. You gain positive relationship skills, understanding and closeness your spouse. Tensions are lowered, intimacy is enhanced and emotional wounds healed. A happier marriage is a real possibility.

I will work as hard as you do to help you improve your marriage

If you and your spouse need compassionate, expert assistance to improve something in your marriage you can contact me.

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