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My goal is to help you enhance and improve your relationship so that you can leave therapy and live your life

Welcome to my site; I'm glad you're here. I specialize in Couples Therapy, Marriage Counseling and PreMarital Counseling. As a Relationship Therapist, I help couples in all stages of love -- attraction, serious dating, living together, committed, engaged & married. I am available to help you enhance your emotional life together or, if you're struggling, I can help you fix your relationship before things go too far.

Do you want to change a small pattern, a big reaction or the subtle direction of your love life

Are you trying hard to get closer but hitting a wall? I can help you prevent break-ups, stop power struggles and improve communication. This will make it easier for you to resolve misunderstandings, ease frustrations and heal emotional damage.

As your Therapist, I understand that it's very hard when your love life is out of sync and caught in painful patterns. When love is off course it disturbs all aspects of your life. If bad patterns are undermining your relationship I will help you change them. If things are ok but need a small tweak in a specific area I can assist you with that.

One of the mysteries of love is that we can deeply love someone that we can't seem to get along with

Usually the problems that plague Couples are the smaller ones that just simmer along, more like rust than an explosion - like the inability to solve problems together in a smooth, efficient way. Have you ever wanted to solve a problem with your partner only to have it turn into a battlefield of unexpected drama? This is frustrating and can be disheartening. Try as you might the conversation just doesn't go in a straight line and instead of solving one problem it seems that new problems keep cropping up.

Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling have been around long enough now for us to know that there are certain techniques that actually work. Techniques that come from the realm of Conflict Resolution and Emotional Intelligence have been successfully modified for the fiery emotional terrain of love and marriage.

If you would benefit from learning new ways to communicate and resolve problems together contact me.

In my sessions you'll feel two things rather quickly: safe and understood

As your Therapist I will listen, connect and interact with you. You'll know that you have an experienced Relationship Specialist working with you to resolve your issues and improve your experience together.

I have an unflinching fascination with all facets of human nature and counsel all relationship issues including the non-traditional. I am happy to extend my expertise to you. Bring me your relationship challenges; I will help you sort things out and find solutions.

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