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Coaching vs Therapy

Not everyone is comfortable getting therapy. Some people prefer to get Coaching for their relationship. As a graduate of the prestigious College of Executive Coaching in Santa Barbara, I am trained and certified in Coaching Couples.

How does Coaching differ from Therapy

With Therapy there is a considerable focus on the emotional factors of the moment. How you feel now, how you felt then and how your feelings impact the way you interpret things. Needs, desires, emotion-generated habits. Therapy is a much more complex process, of course, but that is a thumbnail for comparisons sake.

With Coaching the focus is less on emotions and more on actions. Goals are set, strategies chosen, accountability is activated and accomplishments are celebrated. Therapy is softer, more compassionate, more diplomatic. Coaching is direct, accountable and goal-driven.

Which is best for you

If you are struggling with the emotional climate of your relationship, problematic patterns and marital issues then Therapy is the best choice for you. If you value empathy, understanding and learning new communication skills then Therapy is also for you. If you are a bottom line type of person and want to check off your list and live in the forward momentum, then Coaching would be your best bet.

The only caveat is this: if you are choosing between Relationship Coaching and Couples Therapy you must take into consideration what will also work for your partner. If you're in doubt you can email me an overview of your situation and I can help you decide.

I am offering up to a $30 dollar on sessions done via video

See my dedicated page for all fees, payment options and several generous pre-paid package deals.

I am happy to help you define and dissolve issues in order to maintain a positive forward momentum during these unusual times.

Stay safe and be well.

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