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28 years experience serving clients in the LA area

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Who is Dona Laressa Desmond PhD, LMFT

I specialize in helping Couples in the LA area. I work with all phases of relationship, from dating, living together, engagement to marriage. Emphasis on improving communication.

I also work with Individuals on a select number of issues. Private practice since 1993. I see clients at my offices in Santa Monica, West LA & Woodland Hills, as well as via video and phone-sessions.

Therapy License

CA LMFT 29944

NPI number?


Certifications, Specialty Trainings & Degrees

Emergency Medical Technician                                          UCLA,Medical Center Pre-Hospital Care

Masters/Doctorate                                                        Antioch/AU, Psychology & Human Sciences

Couples Communication                                                                 Mentor: Dr. Alex French, UCLA

Relationship Dynamics                                                                    Mentor: Dr. Alex French, UCLA

Anger Management                                                                             One year internship at SCCC

Trauma Training

Trauma Recovery                                                      UC San Diego, Certified in Mitchell Technique

Red Cross Certification                                                                 Early Stage Disaster Management

Red Cross Certification                                                    Crisis Debriefing for Emergency Personnel

Red Cross Certification                                                Debrief Disaster Workers & First Responders

Teaching USA

Crossroads School                                                                       Teaching Intern Life Skills Program

FBI, LA Bureau                                              Taught workshop "Depression, Impact &  Prevention "                                                 FBI, LA Bureau                                         Taught workshop "Stress Management in the Workplace "

Teaching Abroad

Center for Citizen Initiatives                           Taught American psychology techniques to European

                                                                   psychologists, psychiatrists and middle school teachers

Coach Training & Certification

Certified Professional Coach                                   College Executive Coaching, Santa Barbara, CA

ICF                                                                                                   International Coach Federation

Relationship Coach                                                                                        Coaching for Couples

Technical Consultant for Film & TV

TV                                                                                                    Oprah, Episode on " Infidelity "

TV                                                                                                         Naomi Judd Talk Show Pilot

Film                                                                      Bette Midler, Woody Allen," Scenes from a Mall "


Guest Therapist for Radio & TV

CNN News                                                                                       " Treatment of Panic Disorder "

KRLA Radio                                                                               " Issues of Life: Your Relationships "

Fox TV                                                                                  " Impact of OCD Parents on Children "

MTV                                                                                              " Effect of TV Violence on Teens "

NBC                                                                        " Crisis Therapy for Families Impacted by 9/11 "

Additional Skill Sets

Emotional Intelligence                             Testing & Enhancement, ( Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Method)

Trained in     

The Gottman Method

Emotional Focused Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Brief Strategic Solution-Based Therapy


American Association of Integrative Medicine

California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

Association for Traumatic Stress Specialists

International Critical Incident Stress Foundation

International Association for Relationship Research

What makes me unique as a therapist

There are several unique qualities that I bring to my clinical practice. One interesting aspect is the way that I began my practice in the Los Angeles area. I launched my practice by doing house calls and field work with clients. The population that I initially served was those who were homebound due to PTSD or anxiety disorders such as agoraphobia. Their fragile emotional state was such that they couldn't leave their home to attend therapy.

During those home sessions, of course, it was often the case that other family members would be present, usually a spouse. It became efficient to include them in the sessions and via that I began to understand the contagious nature of emotions inside a relationship. As this process evolved I branched out in deeper theoretical and practical ways for helping couples.

The other population that I did field work with was people who had developed specific phobias such as flying, driving, elevators, etc. I went with these clients and did therapy with them in such places as airports, on planes, trains, freeways, in malls, hotels, grocery stores, etc. I accompanied them through their systematic desensitization as they regained their freedom to move normally in the world.

I saw couples at my office 3 days a week and did house calls and field work 2 days a week for 10 years. The range of my client base extended from Santa Clarita to Santa Monica. My clientele included housewives, couples, celebrities, law enforcement, first responders, executives and business owners. Email me, I am happy to share my skills with you to make your relationship better.

Please note: I do not treat suicide or domestic violence. If you are having any kind of urgent situation please call 911 or your local police. The phone number for the suicide prevention hotline is 1 800 273 8255 or

Couples Therapy

Couples Communication

Couples Conflict Resolution

Fertility & Pregnancy issues

IVF Support

Relationship Enhancement

Individual Therapy

Marriage issues & Marriage Counseling 

Marriage Rescue Program

Relationship Struggles with Intimacy

Sex Therapy for Committed Couples

I definitely do work with couples who are in recovery from substance abuse/addictions as long as there is at least 1 year clean and sober and an ongoing participation in recovery such as AA, etc.


Domestic Violence


Legal Issues

Active Drug Addiction

Active Alcoholism

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder

High-conflict divorce

Child custody issues

Dept of Child Family Services issues

Paranoid Personality

Bi-Polar Disorder

Eating Disorders

Gambling problems

Sexual addiction

Internet porn addiction


School Shootings

Sex Trafficing, Sex Offenders

Crime or legal isssues


I don't work with children or adolescents

I don't work with clients who are in danger of harming themselves or others. Additionally, I don’t counsel any issues that involve the legal system.



PreMarital Counseling

Abandonment Issues

Insecurity issues 

Power Struggles


Co-Habitation Adjustment 

Anger Management


Resentment Recovery 

Relationship break-up help


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