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Intimacy matters. It's the oasis in the desert of relationship responsibilities and practical chores.You had it once, have you noticed it slipping away?

If you are a monogamous Couple you will have already allotted a degree of special affection to your partner, based on the fact that you have chosen them over all others. That choice is profound, but intimacy needs to be fed to stay alive.

I provide Couples Therapy, Marriage Counseling and PreMarital Counseling. As a Relationship Therapist, I help couples in all stages of love -- attraction, serious dating, living together, committed, engaged & married. I am available to help you enhance your intimate life so that you have a warm, close bond to relax back into.


Are you trying hard to get closer but hitting a wall? Too tired and busy? Have power struggles, misunderstandings and frustrations bitten you in your vulnerabilities to the point that you are emotionally guarded?

I understand that it's very hard when your intimate vibe is out of sync. It can feel sad and confusing.


Depending on your love language you may have entirely different ideas than your partner on what constitutes affection.

If you would benefit from learning new ways to communicate your love to each other, define your needs and get them met I can help you.


Sex in relationship is one of those things.... The two of you decide how important it is to you and what you need to keep a smile on your face. I have an unflinching fascination with all facets of human nature and I counsel all relationship issues including the non-traditional. I am happy to extend my expertise to you. I treat the sexual enhancement of Couples with the sensitivity and discretion that it deserves. My training and clinical experience is in sex and intimacy enhancement and restoration.

I don't however work with sexual dysfunction, sexual addictions, or porn/internet addiction. For those issues I will provide you with referrals.

Email is the best way to reach me.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Laressa Desmond PhD


Intimacy, Closeness & Sex

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