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PreMarital Counseling enhances marriage

Have you met the right right person and find yourself ready to take the next step into deeper commitment? If so you will want to make sure that your foundation is solid and that both of you are on the same page about certain important things. The benefits of PreMarital Therapy are both immediate and long term. I think of it as getting a guidebook to a thriving future,

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No matter how deep your love is there always seems to be some areas where you disagree

You are two individuals with your own ways of doing things. Once you marry these differences can seem less intriguing and more like stumbling blocks. It is both wise and possible to address these differences ahead of time.

PreMarital Counseling is a safe, neutral place to solidify your strengths, examine your differences and discover solutions

I will listen to each of you and help you with the pillars of a successful relationship. While there is no insurance policy for relationships it is true that PreMarital Counseling is the closest thing that I've seen to an emotional guarantee.

Who benefits from PreMarital Counseling

It doesn't matter what your age or relationship history is; before you engage, marry, move in or take that next big step it can be extremely helpful for the future of your relationship to get a few sessions of PreMarital Counseling together.

Questions to think about before you marry

What are the pillars of a successful relationship? Besides love, what habits and history do you bring to your relationship? Have you been clear about your expectations? What exactly do you need and how do you get your partner to understand you?

These are a few of the things that we cover in PreMarital Counseling

Communication patterns

Conflict resolution

Sharing decisions

How to disagree without fighting

Issues with friends

Financial choices & goals



Chores & housekeeping

Compatible values

Sexual expectations & needs

What can I offer you in terms of PreMarital Counseling

If you are preparing to make that big commitment allow me to first congratulate you! Marriage and commitment are the best adventures in life. I can help you make a firm foundation so that your love will last. I promise you that PreMarital Counseling will be a fruitful and strengthening process for your relationship future.

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