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Angry Relationship Help via Video Sessions

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Angry relationship

We don't fall in love in hopes of arguing. We don't dream of finding Our Person and think to ourselves when I find them I hope we don't get along and get to be mad, even rageful, at each other over small things. If we thought that would be the case we might never commit.

Why then does it happen and how can it change? It happens because friction is a natural part of attraction.The problem lies in the way that we handle the moments of disagreement.

If you need some support and a calm, soothing, helpful therapist in your life right now email me and let's see how I can help you.

Repeated patterns of arguing are the worst

You have had the same argument over and over again. It's like groundhog day. Neither of you enjoy it, you always feel sad and wounded but from your point of view it seems like your partner  needs to change. If they would respond differently or just not do that certain thing that sets you off then things would be smooth. Of course they are thinking the same thing about you.You exhaust yourself trying to be understood, or at the very least heard. Nothing seems to work. It's hard to concentrate or have a lightness of heart when relationship struggles drag you down. You give up, hold it all in and avoid conflict which only builds the volcano.

We fall in love with people who are different enough from us to create a spark. It’s that “completion feeling” of interest & fascination. We feel sad & confused when the spark burns instead of warming us. It’s a baffling betrayal to our emotional logic that we can deeply love someone that we frequently fight with & sometimes emotionally dread.

There are often small choices in the moment of a disagreement that determine whether or not it will escalate or just be a hiccup

The good news is that conflict resolution has proven methods that work. It’s learnable & helping Couples learn it is something that I specialize in.

If you want to shorten the problem moments & solve things more cooperatively then Couples Therapy with an emphasis on Conflict Resolution might be a good fit for you. Stop walking on eggshells or avoiding for fear of a blow-up. Give yourself the gift of more peaceful coexistence.

During COVID/Corona Virus epidemic I am offering up to a $30 dollar discount if you need it in order to make life easier to you

See my dedicated page for all fees and sliding scale.

I am happy to help you resolve issues and maintain a positive forward momentum during this difficult time.

Stay safe and be well.

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