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Thanks for contacting me about Couples Therapy/PreMarital Counseling. I will be happy to give you info on my practice.

Insurance and fees are explained below, and I have included a list of issues that I treat and those that I don’t work with.

Please read all the info below to make sure that my practice is the right fit for you.

If your issues are among the ones that I don’t work with I’ll try to find you a referral.

Video Platforms

I’m currently seeing all clients via video until CV19 gets under control. That will be at least through the end of 2020 and likely into Spring of 2021.

I see clients via FaceTime for iPhone users or if you are an Android user I do Google Duo.

(I don’t use Zoom, Hangouts, Skype, Meetings, etc., as they are too glitchy and not secure enough for counseling).


I am open 7 days a week, my hours on those days are 1:00pm to 11:00pm. I can be more specific about the exact times that are available after you review all the info here and let me know that it works for you.


I am mindful that times are hard for some people due to COVID so if you need it you can get up to a $30 discount on your fee.

For example my fee for 60 min is $195. If you need a sliding scale you can choose any fee from $195 to $165.

Session frequency

I also offer sessions on a varied schedule like every week, every other week or once a month. It depends on what you need and what I have available.


Payments are done at the end of the session via credit card.

Consultations are done via email only

Due to the fullness of my schedule and the late hours that I work I am doing consultations via email only, phone calls aren’t possible for me. Can you email me some overview detail of the issues that you are struggling I can determine if I am the best fit for you. If I’m not I will give some referrals.

To be efficient, I’ll give you all the relevant info in this email about the kinds of issues that I specialize in along with a list of issues that I definitely don’t work with, the fees, payment options and I’ll explain clearly how my office deals with insurance.

I invite potential clients to schedule just one session with me. That initial session is a working session, normal fees apply, and I get a lot done in it. The fee options are on my Fees Page, link lower on this email. You can decide after that session if you want to book more sessions with me.

If you have additional questions feel free to email them to me. I’ll get back to you within the same day.


Because I don’t take insurance as payment I do offer a few different pricing options.

Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling Fees

PreMarital Counseling


As you will have seen on my Psychology Today Profile Page I am an “Out of Network Provider” only.

As an “Out of Network Provider” this means that I have a National Provider ID Number and can provide documentation for you to seek reimbursement from your PPO, but I’m not contracted with any insurance companies and I don’t accept insurance as payment. You pay in full for your sessions as you go and then you can seek reimbursement from your insurance plan.

If you have a PPO, at the end of either 3 or 6 sessions, if you request it, I can generate an official CMS claim form for you which you may submit to your insurance for potential reimbursement for some of your therapy.

Thanks again for contacting me. I look forward to hearing from you!

Email is the best way to reach me

Warm regards,

Dona Laressa Desmond PhD


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$30 discount on 60 min Video session if needed during COVID

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